Household Moving and Packing

Last month my boss informed me that I will be given a new position in the company, a position that will require me to move to a new place. I felt surprised at what my boss told me. I had a mixture of feelings with what he said. I felt happy over the promotion because I have been waiting for this promotion for a long time. I felt that I deserved a promotion since I have been working very hard for this company for the last five years. I have given a lot of time and effort for this company so I know I deserve to be awarded a promotion. I am also loyal to this company and see myself continuing my career growth here.

My colleagues were happy for me as they also think that I deserve the promotion. But while I was very happy with the news I felt saddened with the thought of moving. This will be my first time ever to be away from my place. While I am not living anymore with my parents I live in a place that is still relatively close to them. But in my new place of work I will have to live far from them. Of course the telephone helps but that would be different when it comes to physical contact. My parents also felt the mixture of emotions that I felt. They will have to adjust to it big time as I am their only child. They told me that they will just fly out to the state where I will be assigned sometimes to visit me. View this website at for more info.

My best friend at work then recommended to me a house moving company from relocation movers . She recommended this company because she had experience with this and they were great at what they do. They were professional. What is even good about them is that they also offer packing services.

This means that I just need to arrange my things and then they will do the packing already. They are experts in packing also. They will have a different way of packing for those things that are fragile. I then called them up to inquire about the price of their service from long distance movers Austin TX and I found out that it was reasonable. So I booked with them and had a huge smile on my way after doing so since I will be able to save on a lot of energy and effort when it comes to packing.